Hamlet club helps preserve Thai culture

Luong Hanh-Thu Hang
Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) - Hin hamlet in Son La city is well known for Thai folksongs and flute, panpipe, and two-chord fiddle music. A club to preserve and promote Thai culture was established in the hamlet in 2020. Its 85 members are old and young villagers who share a passion for and an aspiration to promote Thai music, dance, singing, and language.
Hamlet club helps preserve Thai culture - ảnh 1The women of Hin village practice folk dance and sing in free time. (Photo: VOV)

Club members have revived 7 old Xoe dances of the Thai in Son La province. The dances used to be performed at spring festivals to celebrate a good harvest and pray for a New Year with favorable weather and a bumper crop.

After rituals, villagers have a jolly time dancing, singing, and playing folk games. They take each other’s hands and form a Xoe dance circle around a big fire.

“When I was little, I saw my mother and other female relatives dance Xoe around a vase of liquor. I saw them decorate a bamboo tree to make a Neu pole, which is believed to ward off evil spirits. We are reviving Thai traditional rituals and dances for the young people,” said club member Lo Thi Tam. 

In the club, older members teach younger members Thai folksongs and music.  Lo Thi Ban, a club member, said they have transferred their passion to young people to learn folksongs and Thai songs of modern music.

Hamlet club helps preserve Thai culture - ảnh 2Hin hamlet club members learn Thai songs and music.

“Thai folksing has many styles accompanied by musical instruments. For example, love dual-singing should be accompanied by long bamboo flutes. I teach mothers, sisters, and small girls. I hope they will then teach their own children at home,” Ban said.

The Club has a Thai language class with 35 learners. Lo Xuan Huong, the club President, said, “The Thai language class helps learners write and read the Thai language fluently. During summer holiday, we will allow more children to join the class.”

“We have invited artisans of Thai musical instruments to share their experience with young people. We hope the authorities will help us with more facilities and materials for our activities.”

Preserving ethnic culture is a tough challenge in the modern world. With the common passion and aspiration, villagers of Hin hamlet will successfully preserve their music, dance, and language.