Party members in Dak Nong involve in poverty reduction

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(VOVWORLD) - In response to Politburo Directive No.5 on strengthening national unity and building the Party and political system following President Ho Chi Minh’s moral example, Dak Song district’s Party Committee in Dak Nong province has implemented a 5+1 model which involves Party members in helping poor households escape poverty. In one year, the model has helped many households improve their lives financially.

Party members in Dak Nong involve in poverty reduction - ảnh 1Dieu Truyen and his wife gradually improve their lives thanks to support by local Party members in Dak Song district, Dak Nong province (Photo: VOV)

Mnong ethnic Dieu Truyen of Truong Xuan district and his wife faced severe financial difficulties six years ago. Their life has gradually improved thanks to support from local Party members. 

"Party members taught us new farming methods that helped us improve our finances. I expect to escape poverty soon," Dieu Truyen told VOV.

According to Nguyen Van Anh, Secretary of the Truong Xuan Communal Party Committee, local Party members have helped 110 poor families overcome financial obstacles. The model has received massive public support. In 2020, 68 households escaped poverty and 19 others upgraded themselves to near poor households.

650 local poor households have received support to escape poverty, partly thanks to the 5 + 1 model.

"The government isn’t acting alone. This model, which involves the Party, the Fatherland Front, and social organizations, helps poor households tackle their own financial obstacles. The model will continue in the coming years," said Doan Van Su, Standing Deputy Secretary of Dak Song district’s Party Committee.