VOV listeners show understanding about Vietnam land and people

Chia sẻ
(VOVWORLD) -The contest entitled “What do you know about Vietnam?” launched by the Voice of Vietnam (VOV) since March 15 has gone half way. 
VOV listeners show understanding about Vietnam land and people - ảnh 1Some of the entries sent to VOVWorld's English Section  

VOVWorld has received entries from various countries and territories. With suggestions and tips from VOV5 programs, entries have shown listeners’ vast knowledge about the Vietnamese land, people and culture.

SB Sharma of India sent us his entry to the contest this week. He wrote: “Here I am attaching my entry for the ongoing contest of Radio the Voice of Vietnam. Please accept my greetings and thanks from the bottom of my heart for organizing this very interesting contest. It has enhanced my knowledge of your beautiful, charming country Vietnam.”

M Saleem Akhtar Chadhar of Pakistan wrote: “Greetings from Pakistan. Thank you very much for  your “What do you know about Vietnam?” contest. I’ve gathered much information about Vietnam and its beautiful countryside. Through this event I’ve gained knowledge about Vietnam’s most attractive places, her cultural events, life style, and much more.”

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, listeners have shown their special sentiment to VOV programs and enthusiastically responded to the contest.

We look forward to receive more entries, wish you good luck and hope you will have an opportunity to visit Vietnam.