Scenes around the ancient town of Hoi An at night

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The ancient town of Hoi An remains an impressive site for visitors due the area’s tranquil atmosphere, picturesque landscapes, and unique-cultural characteristics.

An old house in the town features a moss-covered roof which provides guests with a strong feeling of nostalgia.

A peaceful atmosphere descends on the deserted streets at night.

A view of the Hoai river at night as it sparkles with the reflection of shop lights.

Street vendors can often be seen at the end of Bach Dang road selling traditional food delicacies such as Cao Lau.

Both bicycles and cyclos are permitted in pedestrian streets. Tourists often walk around the ancient streets at night to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere in the town.

Chua Cau pagoda, is widely considered as the highlight of Hoi An’s ancient town.

Children participate in a singing class at the Cultural and Arts Centre

For many foreign tourists, they can savour the scenic views on offer of the ancient streets and river from the coffee shops and restaurants along Bach Dang

A stage set up for Bai Choi performances at the end of Nguyen Thai Hoc street. Bai Choi is a type of traditional art and game which is popular throughout central Vietnam, particularly in Quang Nam province.

Both local and foreign guests enjoy observing the folk games on display

A host of traditional art performances are put on by artists on an outdoor stage.

The scene at the statue of Kazik on Tran Phu street. Polish archaeologist and architect Kazimierz Kwiatkowski, better known as ‘Kazik’, has made great efforts to contribute to discovering and preserving Hoi An as a World Heritage Site recognised by UNESCO.

On the other side of An Hoi bridge can be found a street selling a wide variety of lanterns. Lanterns are a popular purchase among tourists,a typical product handcrafted in Hoi An

An ancient well in an alley that connects Nguyen Thai Hoc street to Bach Dang road

A quiet corner of the ancient town

A tranquil scene of Hoi An at night. Here, bicycles can be placed outside on the streets without the need to lock them.